5 considerations when moving with your pets

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If you think moving is stressful, think about how your pets are feeling. Your pets see you suddenly start packing boxes and then you bring them to a place that is entirely unfamiliar. Pets are very cognitive of unusual activity outside of their normal routine. While you can’t explain to them what’s happening, you can do things to help them relax. These are five things you should try for relaxing your pets when changing homes.

Don’t Ignore Them

Your cat or dog may feel like something strange is awry when they notice how different their current home looks and how preoccupied you seem. You want to keep giving them attention, beyond the obligations of walking and feeding. This will help them to not feel like they’re losing their connection with you. It’s also helpful to let them see that a change is coming, even if they won’t be able to deduce exactly what it is. Spending some extra time talking to them and playing with them decreases a pet’s anxieties. Yes, pets have been determined to have anxieties, just like humans.

Bring Them Over Early

The first time your pet sees your new home doesn’t have to be moving day. You can make things a lot better for them by showing them your new home and the neighborhood in advance. Animals may not understand exactly what is going on at the moment as you pack. However, for those pets that are able, taking them on a drive to the new neighborhood, visiting the local park, and letting them walk the block may help. Familiarity is at the root of comfort, and this will let your pets cope with the transition much better.

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Show Them Different Rooms

Animals need time to adjust to new surroundings, just like humans. There are so many changes in terms of rooms and setup. There’s going to be some tension when settling in. Walk them on a leash, if possible, through each room and talk to them as you go. Comfort your pets with the sound of your voice. Pick one room that can be where they stay, with all their food, toys, and sleeping supplies. As they get used to that one, move onto the next room until they’re at a point where they feel at ease all around the new home.

Carrier Comfort

Being in a carrier can be the terror of many a cat and dog, especially when they’re inside a carrier while inside a moving car. However, you can make things a lot easier for them by setting up their carrier as a place they can feel at least reasonably comfortable. Make sure they have plenty of room and have some food and toys available. You can also make them more comfortable with the drive-through taking short practice trips in the days leading up to the move.


Keeping your routine as normal as possible can help your pets adjust to the new home as well. This means following the same feeding schedule and setting up their personal space as soon as possible once inside the new home. It will never be exactly as it was, but it can be close enough for them to feel at home. There are many types of family pets. Fish can act funny and we even need to think of their environmental changes. Put a background picture on the tank before you move and let them get accustomed to seeing the same view.

Pets and owners build a bond of trust over a period of time. Stress will creep up on everyone, including your pets. It’s a natural response, and you need to do what you can to keep them calm.  Your mind is focused on the million things that need to be done in order to move. However, your pets are an important part of your family too. Show them a little kindness and extra love as you make your new home their new home. After all, most people consider pets as an essential part of the family.

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