Chain Of Lakes, Winter Haven, Florida

Chain of Lakes

Chain Of Lakes, Winter Haven, Florida

Winter Haven is a dream for individuals who are interested in living on lakefront property. Located in Polk County, in the heart of Central Florida, Winter Haven’s Chain of Lakes is comprised of 2 different regions. It’s one of the many reasons that lake-enthusiasts often choose to move to this location. Both regions, the North and the South, offer a variety of different forms of entertainment, public attractions, dining, and parks for visitors and residents to enjoy.

A comprehensive guide to the Chain of Lakes can be obtained by asking the neighbors and local residents. As well, click HERE for a look into the City of Winter Haven and all it has to offer. We will break down the different sections, both North and South, as well as give you an idea of what there is to do in each area and why living in Winter Haven is the best choice many residents have made. This city also boasts a brand new recreation center along with many local parks and public boat docks.

The Northern Chain

The first section of the Chain of Lakes we will discuss is the Northern Chain. In total, there are 10 lakes included in the Northern Chain. Not to mention, of these lakes, 8 of them are connected by canals. The following are the lakes included in the Northern Chain:

    • Lake Haines, Lake Rochelle, Lake Echo, and Lake Conine
    • Lake Fannie, Lake Smart, Lake Henry, Lake Hamilton, Middle Lake Hamilton, and Little Lake Hamilton

The South Chain

Alongside its north-side counterpart, we have the south chain. The south chain is a bit larger with a total of 18 lakes. Importantly, 16 of them are connected by canals, making it easy to navigate. Typically, the only time the canals aren’t passable is during low-water seasons, in which there may not be enough water. The lakes included in the South Chain of Winter Haven are:

    • Lake Howard, Lake Cannon, Lake Shipp, Lake Jessie, Lake Hartridge, Lake Lulu, Lake Roy, and Lake Eloise
    • Little Lake Eloise, Lake Winterset, Little Lake Winterset, Lake May, Lake Mirror, Lake Idylwild, Spring Lake, and Lake Summit

      Lake Elbert sun rise

      sun rising near Polk State College

Lakefront Activities

The Chain of Lakes has a variety of seasonal activities for you to take part in, which go on year-round. As a matter of fact, numerous local venues are lakeside and we even have boat parades during the holiday season. Below, we’ve outlined some of the most interesting activities you can take part in while on the Chain of Lakes.

Pirate’s Cove Live Water Ski Show

All across Lake Eloise, you might hear the sounds of joy floating through the air from LEGOLAND, which is immediately next door to the Chain of Lakes. One of the best perks to lakeside living is free shows. Are you interested in catching a free performance of the water ski show that LEGOLAND puts on three times a day when the park is open? All you have to do to attend the show is grab a kayak or boat and row on over.

Pontoon Boat and Kayak Renting

Naturally, when you’re on the lake you’re going to want to be on the water. If you don’t want to go through the hassle of purchasing and owning or even simply bringing your own kayak or pontoon boat, you’re in luck – you can rent these boats for the duration of the day as you adventure out across the lake. Furthermore, the instruction of each activity is available. You get hours of fun on the lake this way and can explore as far as you can make it. There are numerous places to rent kayaks, boats, and jet skis.

Bass Fishing

fishing pole

Fishing is great

Every fisherman’s dream is to catch the biggest fish, and you can definitely make an effort while out on the lakes. The largest Bass Fishing area is located right here in Central Florida. People come from all over to participate in the national tournaments that are held in Polk County. Coincidentally, Polk County boasts about Lake Hatchineha as one of the prime fishing tournament spots for Bass Fishing. Polk County even has local kid tournaments with prizes awarded at the end. In addition, the smiles on their faces in the end as they receive their awards are priceless. Sign up for a tournament and you can cruise the entire Chain of Lakes. It’s a great way to be able to have tons of fun and get an idea of where on the chain you want to live and play all day.

Flyboarding, Canoeing, and Paddleboarding

If you are a true water enthusiast, the Winter Haven Chain of Lakes is for you. Together with flyboarding, kayaking, jet skis, and paddleboarding, there are a plethora of things to do. Everyone’s favorite must-have experience includes flyboarding – in which you get to be in the air above the water. Instructors are standing by as you take to the air. Additionally, paddleboarding allows you to relax and enjoy your surroundings and work those muscles. Comparatively, paddleboarding can take the place of the gym workout. By the same token, canoeing lets you enjoy the local scenery while moving along the water. Local rentals are available. a great time for everyone, friends, family, and children.

Eateries and Things To Do

Not all of your fun will take place on the water, of course – and the Chain of Lakes in Winter Haven has a lot to offer both on and off the water. Whether you’re looking to pull up and dock your boat to grab a bite, or simply explore the local attractions, there’s plenty to be done. Conversely, bring your friends and family to wine and dine while you enjoy the wildlife and sunny skies in Florida.

Tanner’s Lakeside

This is a popular spot for those who are looking for a quick bite. Click HERE to take a look at their menu. Not to mention, many varieties of seafood and other finger foods are available. So come and enjoy the local bands as you can take in the lake view. Pull your boat up to the dock outside and enjoy the atmosphere.

Harborside Restaraunt

Much like the name suggests, this is one of the most popular Harborside spots available. The restaurant sits quietly on Lake Shipp and enjoys access to the chain through a canal.  Click HERE for a look at their menu.  First, they serve a variety of delicious food, ranging from steak to your every-day seafood choices. Secondly, they host tons of events, making it easy for you to find a spot to kick back and relax. You can cruise on in on your boat, tie off to the dockside, and enjoy a wonderful meal.


Right next door to the Winter Haven Chain of Lakes is LEGOLAND, a popular attraction that invites millions each year. People come from all over the world to visit Legoland.  Furthermore, the fun is getting to play with Legos and build amazing structures. Nearby, Legoland now has a hotel and lakeside houses to rent. Click HERE for ticket prices and information. Legoland sits on one of the chains and has its own water park. Accustomed to catering to kids of all ages, this theme park has food, fun, and overnight packages. There are rides and various displays and attractions to entertain the entire family, all within boating distance. Watch the yearly fireworks from various eateries and lakeside approaches.


For those who are looking to live a life of fun and adventure mixed with the simplicity of the calmness that comes with living on a lake, Winter Haven is a great choice for you. Alternatively, it’s a great place to visit, relax, explore, and enjoy yourself. As a matter of fact, you’ll never run out of things to do, and there will always be events and attractions nearby to grab your attention at a moment’s notice. As well, local business is thriving, and lakeside homes are available. Come make Winter Haven your home away from home.

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