Extension on Eviction Moratorium for Florida

Governor DeSantis has extended the eviction moratorium through June 2nd. The local courts are on standby as the cases pile up. Suspended court proceedings are still in place. For those that have been unable to work; this news comes with a sigh of relief. The unemployment system in Florida has been trying to catch up but many have yet to receive benefits. It is hard to see the struggles that families face. The CARES ACT also protects homeowners that have federally backed loans. Click here to learn more about the CARES Act protection program.

Polk County Courts

Polk County court web page posted their COVID-19 restrictions and processes.  The web page suggests you keep checking back for updates. However, you should know that foreclosure hearings are NOT canceled. Tax deed sales that were already scheduled will continue but no new sales will be scheduled during the COVID-19 epidemic. There are many options available if you find yourself falling behind and can not see any possibility of catching up on payments.

Keep in mind, that this extended moratorium does NOT forgive any missed payments. Nor does it provide any financial relief for more than 2 million Floridians. However, the State has begun to reopen and people are getting back to work. The larger sectors, like the theme parks and vacation rentals, are still in the planning stages. The Governor requests that plans are sent to his office for approval to ensure the safety of the people is a top priority.

Once the Governor lifts the eviction moratorium, the courts will surely be busy. It’s hard to believe that landlords would be so eager to put families on the street. But we must consider that landlords have bills to pay as well. Let’s hope the Governor puts a plan in place that will helps tenants and homeowners catch up and still have a roof over their heads. Mortgage Companies should consider the backlog that will happen in the courts and be willing to work with the homeowners. Landlords should devise a plan to allow the tenants a repayment or catch up with a plan that would enable tenants to stay in place. With everyone working together; we can avoid an increase in homelessness.


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