Help Fill the Fridge For The Hungry in Winter Haven, Florida

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Hello Everyone! Fill The Fridge is a new initiative that needs help getting off the ground. H & I Real Estate, LLC is looking to dedicate our time to work with the homeless and the hungry throughout Winter Haven, Florida. Demand for food, work, and jobs has taken its toll during the COVID crisis. Supplies are limited as residents struggle to do what they can to make ends meet. Restaurants for Hunger works locally through Catering Oasis in downtown Winter Haven by donations to feed the hungry. They have a refrigerator set up outside their place so that the hungry can come by and grab a sandwich and a bottle of water. We, at H & I Real Estate would like to add another refrigerator or two to the area.

Helping Hands

COVID-19 is taking a toll on many families and food banks are running dry. Many local businesses, such as Publix grocery stores, have demonstrated great leadership throughout the communities. Do you know how many theme parks, community festivals, downtown weekend markets that are closed down due to COVID? Too many cities and towns are also struggling to help their residents. Publix has helped the communities by buying products from local farmers to ensure the locally grown food does not perish. They have helped many small businesses stay in business. Take a bow Publix.

We are all confined to some degree with the pandemic. Even our youth have been forced to stay still and wait it out. With the increase of cases bringing a halt to reopening further, we have an obligation to help others in need, if we can. Weekends are tough for many who look to food pantries and free meals to supply some type of nourishment. Hunger has always been a global problem. That is nothing new. But what we do to help the hungry can be new to our communities. The Mission of Winter Haven does provide food and hygiene services during the week. There are many places that are set up to help the people that need it most.

Proposed Project

fill the fridge for the hungry

fill the fridge with sandwiches

H & I Real Estate, LLC would like to spearhead this project. We would like to set up some small refrigerators around town and start a Fill The Fridge campaign. The refrigerators sell for about $190 at Lowes, unless someone knows where we can get them cheaper. Nothing fancy is needed. Simple peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, maybe some fresh fruit and/or some snack bags of chips or cookies. Most importantly, we need cases of water bottles to fill the fridge. Sandwich bags and brown bags would be appreciated.

Volunteers throughout the month to fill the fridge would be a huge help. We only ask that volunteers fill it once a week. If everyone takes a turn, we can ensure the hungry can eat and drink something each day.  Do you know a business that wouldn’t mind having a small refrigerator plugged in and set up in front of their store?  If anyone knows a business that would work with us and has space, preferably under an overhang, we would be grateful for your service.

A typical refrigerator can hold 24-30 bottles of water and 2 loaves of bread (peanut butter and jelly sandwiches) with fresh fruit in the doors. You can get about 10 brown bags plus water in a refrigerator as well.  A brown bag contains fresh fruit inside a sandwich bag, a sandwich, and a snack item. Whomever volunteers can choose which way to fill it as long as the items are clearly identifiable. Either label the bags or stick to the generic PB&J sandwich. Each refrigerator should have a posted sign on top of or on the front panel as well. We need refrigerators as well.

Please email, call or send a message through Facebook or our website if you can lend a helping hand. We are grateful for any help getting this project off the ground. We also have a GO FUND ME campaign in progress.  Stay healthy, happy, and Blessed. When we all work together, we shall overcome tough times.

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  1. Casey says:

    Please check with Forever Vintage on Dundee Road. (I believe that it the name of them.) They constantly have mini fridges for $20/each.

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