Polk County Economic Housing Forecast in the months ahead

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With COVID-19 having an economic impact in various ways, it should come as no surprise that the housing market faced changes with the pandemic. However, people who plan to move to Polk County, Florida should get an idea of house showings. To better cover this, let’s look over the housing market and the changes that occurred due to COVID-19.

Housing Market Before COVID-19

Before COVID-19 occurred, the housing forecast in Polk county was strong. People would regularly move into the city and rent homes for vacation, allowing them to have a place to stay. People would have the option to visit homes throughout this region in Florida so that they could see the condition of the houses before moving in.

However, when the pandemic happened, people couldn’t visit homes without facing the risk of spreading or catching the virus. Due to this, the housing market had to make adjustments, such as only giving virtual tours, to allow people to view homes. As well, vacation rentals had to halt all business and vacationers had to cancel all plans. Vacation rentals around the theme parks in Central Florida are a huge business. The economic impact in Florida has been devastating to many rental companies and homes that are rented by the week around major attractions and in major cities.

Returning to the Market

Now that the housing market needs to make its return, people may wonder what changes they should expect. Since the pandemic shows signs of slowing down, this could have an economic impact on the housing market. It is important to realize that COVID-19 still exists and can easily spread between people. Real estate agents need to make health and safety the top priority. This way, people can feel safe as they visit homes.

Due to this, people need to realize that as the housing market re-opens, they can’t just enter homes without precautions. Make sure that you understand the current safety regulations so that people can remain safe. This way, real estate agents can do their job while helping to prevent the spread of COVID-19 during this pandemic-based housing forecast.

Property Showing rules

Potential Scenarios

If you look at the current housing forecast, then you can see three major scenarios that could play out. First, real estate agents stick to virtual showings so that people can view homes without going into them. If that doesn’t work, then they can develop new ways to show homes in-person to potential buyers as a second option.

Third, real estate agents can set up proper safety and cleaning regulations before people enter homes, and after they leave a home. For example, people would need to wear masks while inside the house, remain six feet apart, and use PPE (Personal Protection Equipment)  supplies at the door. This way, everyone can remain safe as they view the beautiful homes in Polk county. It is essential that we all participate in using common sense and practice safe and healthy procedures. By using PPE in other people’s homes, we are respecting their rights to healthy environments as well.


Even with the COVID-19 pandemic surrounding our communities, real estate agents still need to sell homes. COVID-19 is definitely impacting the way real estate agents need to handle the housing industry. Whether they use digital tours or allow people to visit homes with proper precautions, the housing industry will continue. COVID-19 has an economic impact on housing in Polk County, Florida. However, the housing market is still essential so people can move to Florida and buy homes.

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