Vet Air



Good Monday Morning.

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to a great Non-Profit organization. Personally, I have served in the Army with the founder of VET AIR, Jesus. I applaud him in his efforts to help Veterans across the United States of America. If I knew how to fly a plane; I most certainly would be flying Veterans to wherever they needed to be. Based in Massachusetts, Vet Air is designed to fly veterans to medical appointments for free. As well, Vet Air spends numerous hours at air shows promoting their service.

We can support this great cause in many ways. It may be hard for veterans to sit long hours in a car. Taking a flight can ease the discomfort for some injuries that veterans have sustained. Do you know someone who flies small planes in your area? Or do you know of a mechanic that can lend a hand? Additionally, can you volunteer your time? I am wishful that this service can build throughout the United States.

You can reach the organization by emailing them at [email protected] You can also reach them via Facebook: Veterans need our support and this is a valuable resource. It helps provide quick ways to transport veterans so they may get the medical help they need.

As well, donations are also accepted through your credit cards, personal time to help at booths, and at local air shows. Finally, check out this great cause by watching the video.

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