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Veterans may not be aware of all the services available to them through the government and their local community. The federal government has a general website, click here, where you can gather information and determine what is available to veterans. Military Records, ID cards and even possible housing assistance can be obtained. Numerous veteran services offer tax benefits as well as community outreach programs.

Family Member services and burial rights are also things to consider down the road. Getting the information now can help your family when you can no longer make those important decisions. Luckily, there are so many resources available for veterans today. Do you know where you wish to be buried?  How about whether you wish to have a military funeral service? In addition, do you know that there is affordable life insurance for veterans?

Polk County

Polk County has its own department that specifically helps veterans. If you are unsure whether you qualify for disability, you need to seek out their assistance. Disability benefits for veterans are ever-changing and more considerations are in place than ever before. Did you know that Navy and Coast Guard personnel who served in Vietnam may now be able to qualify for disability? Deteriorating health concerns can weigh heavily on you and your family. If you served in Vietnam on a ship between 1962 and 1975, agent orange may be a contributing factor to those health concerns.

For the veterans getting out now, have you checked into using your GI benefits? Do you want to go back to college and further your education? The MOS/job you did in the military and its training accreditations may not transfer into the civilian world. Civilian training through a trade school or a college may be necessary to secure a job. Some local colleges even allow credits towards a degree because of your military job and experiences.

Don’t want to go back to school?

Maybe you want to start your own small business and need support? Veteran Services and programs offer many resources for veterans. Far more than ever before. Here in Polk County, there is a Career Source that can help give you guidance. Also, the Small Business Administration can help you make informed decisions about your startup needs and loan availability. There are so many options out there. It is just a matter of asking for help and gaining the knowledge to move forward. Vet Air is just one example of a veteran starting up a small non-profit business located in Massachusetts.

Just as we honor those who died for our freedom; it is imperative that we assist those who are still able to serve in other ways. With many service-related physical and mental injuries today, it can be difficult to find the right differently-abled resources in your community. In short, we should present a united and diversified front by ensuring our veterans are prepared for a better tomorrow in the civilian sector. Providing guidance and assistance through various veteran services is just one way to show we care.



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