Working From Home (Part 3 of 3)

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How we move forward and build from here is so important to the future of the many millions of people to come after us. Writing about this virus for the history books ensures that we can impact the world. How we continue to make connections and form lifelong bonds is essential to life for the next generation. Virtual worlds are increasing exponentially and we need to conform to change. If you haven’t already, you can read Part 1 and Part 2 of Working From Home here. Part 1 of 3 Working From Home and Part 2 of 3 Working from Home

All hands in to build a home team

Building a home team

Build a home team

My hope is that we can all see the dramatic chaos that has ensued during the COVID-19 pandemic. The reality is that we need to know businesses can effectively run from home offices. There will be a need to prepare for the possibility of another natural disaster that can not be seen at this time. How can we protect our families, friends, and business customers with the most efficient means possible? We need a plan of action that will ensure we are able to continue in our chosen paths of employment.

Can we produce considerable resources that will provide positive results in business build-ups? What is the near term potentials of change that we can make to build a better home team? Expanding our efforts to build a team that will be able to adapt to new ideas and be innovative should be our goal. Resilience and respect should be our cornerstone when building a team. Whether you are a one-man team or a team of twenty will impact how you approach the overall business concepts.

Working within your team limits

Collectively, the team should be able to bounce ideas freely and apply new techniques and concepts to the overall business perspective. Supporting team members with trust and respect are essential to working efficiently together. Working closely with the team members virtually can be difficult if everyone is on a different schedule. A quick text or email can be sent while juggling time zones and sleep patterns. This might ensure that the team is still running with the company’s clear and ethical standards.

Finding a balance with your team can ensure that a work from home concept can be maintained. Employees’ must be assured there is a balance of personal time and work hours to ensure consistent productivity of the team and longevity of the company. How can we transform individual efforts into team concepts? Skepticism among team members can creep in when one feels they are carrying the workload over another team member. Conflict can arise and create animosity if team leaders do not hold individuals accountable, even when working from home. “Out of sight..out of mind” can not be allowed in the companies work ethics.

Develop your organization purposefully

Creating programs that can provide to-do lists, team video chats, and flexible times that allow for personal necessities can increase overall productivity. Should we be concerned about other companies enticing your team members with a “better” place to work? The consequences of not developing an organization that provides stability and open communication through team-building can be detrimental. So what can you do to ensure your employee doesn’t get persuaded by higher pay or better working conditions that you were unaware of was a concern? Creating a purpose-driven organization suggests that its not all about economics but about how to connect people to their purpose. How can we assure our team can feel empowered by provided quality service to our customers?

whiteboard ideas

develop purpose


We should build an organization that your employee can vent without repercussions.  A strong company owner and team leader can encourage growth and ensure employees that you are listening to their concerns. A virtual sounding board or a whiteboard that your employees can place their concerns upon can uplift the validity of their issues. Maybe a member of the team can make a suggestion that could resolve the issue. Sophisticated ways to encourage human empathy and virtual touch can be integrated through video eye contact. A direct line of vision is key to keeping up morale and ensuring a better business model.

Identifying team members that are introverts can also help your overall project completion deadlines. Teaming introverts up with outgoing personalities can help slowly build a dynamic team of professional competency. We gain experience by effectively working with differences which can create new measures of social awareness and virtual business. Social differences should not be controlled to the point where your team feels stifled and micromanaged. Overseeing teamwork too specifically in work can cause resentment, stress, and force employees to consider another company. Virtual spyware can lead to mistrust and cause a quiet disruption in work productivity. More harm than good will come from the micromanagement of your employees.

team strategies

team strategies

Experiment With Strategies

How do we employ strategies that can validate your business and keep it in the forefront of same-like businesses? Transparency is important to show potential customers that you are personable while maintaining a professional and ethical standard. In Real Estate, families need to move. If virtual tours become the norm in the near future, we must prove our authenticity with true photos and accurate information. A seller or buyer will venture to your website online and will move to another Realtor site if nothing triggers their needs in a home. A comprehensive and aggressive outreach should be implemented on your webpage. This will capture those customers that are still browsing and not set in their ways.

You need employees that have those tech-savvy skills to grab those customers online. If your words are written well, and the structure of your website is enticing and interactive, people will surely reach out to work with you. As we are aware, the virtual world is constantly evolving. Finding team members for your business that can stay up with those imminent changes ensures strategies are in place to compete with other like companies. Underserving your business by not keeping up with current events will become detrimental over time.

retain through computers

retain-ability through AI


How do we incorporate strategies to ensure our employees feel appreciated and feel included in the companies overall purpose? The correct way to provide stability and authenticity is to establish a sense of belonging and satisfaction with the team and its efforts. Overwhelmingly, what works for one team may not induce a similar response to another team or company. Additionally, we live in a hurried and fast-paced world. We find ourselves multitasking more often instead of remaining focused on one problem. There are no more days when we only have one task to complete in each hour of the day. We now have to complete numerous tasks within minutes with the aid of the internet and computers. Our brains are being reprogramed to rely on a computer more than another human. The advancements of technology and highly functioning robotic systems can no longer allow us to live in the past.

Relying on artificial intelligence is imperative to our future empowerment. This does not mean we are incompetent and unable to think for ourselves. We are moving forward by defining our human capabilities and understanding the advantages of a computer’s function in this world. As history progresses, more information demands the increased capacity of our brains to retain the information. We can not possibly be expected to ‘remember all’ of the world’s minor events, let alone the numerous major life-changing events that have created our human existence. Computed based reliance is necessary to maintain the human element to life’s evolutionary future.

Looking forward

Surely, this COVID-19 pandemic has allowed us to see what it means to “slow down” and “stay at home” compared to how we live and work on a daily basis. The trial and errors of how to live and work strictly from home have employed uniques efforts to keep some semblance of normalcy. The old adage “safety in numbers” has gone out the window. Clearly, we have to continue our personal and professional efforts to work smarter and push the boundaries of growing up virtual. The last few months have tested our resilience and demonstrated that modest and slow lifestyles are sometimes what is needed to conform to global disasters. Whether you believe God has a say in the COVID-19 pandemic or not; surely this world has smartened up with this momentous disaster. Sustainability is important for the progress of the next generation.


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Barbara has been a Realtor in Central Florida since 2006. She lives and works in Polk County. She is a straightforward person who refuses to cut corners and places emphasis on value, honesty and integrity in the home buying and selling process. She firmly believes that it is her duty to serve others and to use her negotiating skills to obtain the best price for the sale of any home. Barbara will take disciplined initiative in all aspects of any transaction and get results while building a strong and lasting relationship with all clients. She takes pride in professionalism and continues to educate herself.  She adapts to the ever changing conditions of the real estate market.

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